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NYC JavaScript @ Flatiron
NYC JavaScript @ Flatiron
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Flywheel Sports Inc.

53 West 23rd street Floor 9 · New York, NY

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NodeJS and Javascript are finding their way into incredibly small places. This presentation looks at running NodeJS on computers costing well under 10 dollars.

In this talk we'll see how these tiny computers can be configured to run Linux, NodeJS and Redis. And we're not talking about some outdated version of Node - nope, we're talking about Node 6.5 featuring ES6!

We'll also look at how NodeJS can be used to control computers too small to run Node, such as the famed Arduino family of microprocessors.

Along the way we'll touch on realtime communication using websockets.

This would all be theory if we didn't go the extra mile to demo this live using Hydra Cluster, our very own 16-core compute cluster.

Join us as we take this fantastic voyage.