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NYC KETO meetup is a group for people who are interested in learning about or currently practicing a Ketogenic Lifestyle in and around the New York City Area.

This group was started to inform and support anyone that is interested to learn more about the benefits of the Ketogenic diet, Ketosis, Ketones and the benefits of an Intermittent Fasting (IF) protocol. There is a tremendous amount of new science that supports the health marker changes when a KETO/IF lifestyle is adopted. From Zero Carb to Moderate Carb and Short Term Fasting to Extended Long Fasts, we'll explore the differences, benefits and menu approaches.

The abundance of new food that you can incorporate into your eating menu and the satisfying taste will surprise you. Getting into and staying in a ketogenic state will reduce fat deposits, reduce stress and clean old cells that contribute to the decline in health.

The monthly and bi-monthly Meetups will be about getting together to discuss KETO nutrition, share recipes, host guest lecturers, talk through the challenges and share our experiences in the rewards of the change in our lifestyles. Join us for KETO meals, mutual support and low-carb fun.

We exchange information and learn from each others' experiences, gain practical tips and the learn more on the latest research on all the reported benefits (e.g. cognitive or athletic performance, weight loss, energy, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and other therapeutic benefits).

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