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This meetup is open to anyone who is interested to learn about and practice using Liberating Structures ( http://www.liberatingstructures.com ) - simple and effective patterns for collaboration, group engagement and shaping group work around purpose.

Do you want to bring together diverse ideas, include everyone, even the most quiet participants and equalize voices?
Do you want to stop wasting time in boring meeting with 100+ pages of status updates?
Do you care about psychological safety in your group, your organization and even your family?

Yes? Than this meetup is for you!
Join in to learn, discover and experiment with Liberating Structures.

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Seven Steps to Walking Your Why - Career Coaching Workshop with LS (PAID)


Use this link to register for this 3.5h (5:00PM EDT to 8:30 PM EDT) workshop on Eventbrite.


## About the workshop

Join this hands-on workshop to experiment with a new coaching tool - "Seven Steps to Walking Your Why". Re-image your career in an innovative and impactful way.
Created by Dana Pylayeva, rooted in professional coaching practices from Co-Active Coaching, connected with several Liberating Structures, and inspired by ideas from Emotional Agility, this process will help you re-evaluate your career journey from a brand-new perspective.
What is in your rigidity trap? What can help your find space for new opportunities? What could you take on, if you were brave enough? What's stopping you?
You will explore these and many other questions with the help of Liberating Structures tools (Ecocycle Planning, W3, 25/10 and 15% solutions). Working individually and in small breakout rooms, we will go deep into what really matters for you as a professional and as a human being. We will apply your core values as a filter, and help you make a resonant actions choice.
You will have an opportunity to work in Mural – digital collaboration tool or with a pen and paper template, experiencing for yourself the simplicity and effectiveness of the 7 Steps process.

### What is included in this workshop?

1. Participant workbook (for you to use in this session instead of Mural board, if you choose to)
2. Mural Class board with workshop templates for 20 participants
2. Mural Template (for you to use with individual clients)
3. Saboteur Assessment (for your awareness on what can get in the way of the plans you make during this workshop)

## Who is this workshop for?

Professionals, seeking clarity in their career
Students, experienced professionals, professionals considering career pivot, entrepreneurs starting their own business will all get a direct value from this workshop by:
- Gaining new clarity from a value-driven prioritisation process.
- Creating impactful next steps.
- Building confidence in getting started.

People Managers/Leaders
Once you've experienced the process for yourself, you will be able to guide through it the people in your team. Bring depth and meaning to your 1x1s, help people on your team explore career choices, support them in this discovery. Mural templates and PDF handouts will help you adjust easily to "in person" or remote conversations.

Agile Coaches, Business and Career Coaches
Simplicity and effectiveness of this process will help you amplify the impact of your coaching for your clients. You will find this process equally powerful in your one-on-one coaching conversations as well as in a team coaching context.

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