Discover space for innovation with Liberating Structures (co-hosted with NYCSUG)

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NYC Liberating Structures Group
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55 Hudson Yards

55 Hudson Yards · New York, NY

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We are meeting at Cognizant Softvision. Use the B-bank elevators to Floor 26. Event it co-hosted with NYC Scrum User group

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New Year, new you? We can’t offer you that. What we can offer instead is a useful tool that can bring a new perspective into your planning process.
Join Dana Pylayeva to experience an Ecocycle Planning – one of the Liberating Structures that can be used for personal planning (New Year’s resolution), team planning (technical practices and upskilling needs) as well as organizational planning (portfolio of products/services). Analyze the portfolio of activities and relationships in its entirety, identify impediments and opportunities for progress. Do it while engaging everyone and harvesting diverse ideas from your group.
What are you spending your energy on (but shouldn’t)?
What deserves your attention (but isn’t getting one)?
What should you let go to make space for new?

This session is co-organized with NYC Scrum User Group

About Liberating Structures (LS):
LS are simple and effective patterns for collaboration, group engagement and shaping group work around purpose. Collected, distilled and maintained by Keith McCandless , Henri Lipmanowicz and the community of LS practitioners

About Dana Pylayeva:
Dana is an independent Agile/DevOps coach and trainer with over 19 years of diverse experience in software development, IT operations. Author of several books and agile games, TBR certified trainer, she designs and delivers experiential Agile and DevOps workshops around the world (47 conferences in 15 countries).
Dana is the founder of “Big Apple Scrum Day” conference, founder of “NYC Liberating Structures” meetup, program chair of Agile2020 conference by Agile Alliance and NAGT member of SGNYC20 by Scrum Alliance.