The Modern, Open Source Metrics Stack, told in 4 Acts

NYC Metrics and Monitoring
NYC Metrics and Monitoring
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The metrics landscape is constantly evolving. Teams are always evaluating new technologies, scaling established technologies, and finding the best ways for them to work together cohesively.

Our night will consist of 4 talks focusing on these challenges, what technologies they've used, are using, and are interested in.

Do you know what your application is doing?
Applications based on microservices are notoriously difficult to debug. We show how Jaeger (a CNCF project) provides a lot of visibility into the inner working of distributed applications, suitable for root cause analysis, performance optimization, and service dependency analysis.
Yuri Shkuro @ Uber

A sneak peak at Grafana v5
Matt Toback, VP Customer Experience @ Grafana Labs.

How we do monitoring on our Android Driver App
Leigh Douglas, Jeff Hu @ Uber

M3DB - Uber's open source time series database
A high level overview of Uber's metrics needs and why we decided to build our own time series database. We will also briefly outline M3DB's clustering, consistency and replication strategies, it's custom compression scheme as well as the file system layout.
Martin Mao @ Uber