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Hi moms (and dads)! My daughter, almost 3, is Chinese & Korean and just starting to talk up a storm. She sings songs in Chinese, counts to 10 in Korean but speaks mostly in English. I want to make sure she's fluent in every language but don't want to confuse her. I've got lots of questions and am surprised at how little there is out there to help our little ones along.

I created this meetup group to unite multilingual families and provide events where they can share info and experience to help each other succeed. I'm going to be organizing events with speakers who can tackle issues like when to introduce the 2nd or 3rd language and what is going on with the kids in their development at different ages. Speakers will also address the emotional and cultural issues within mixed ethnic background families.

My personal passion for this group stems from my own inability to converse in Korean. I can read and write Korean but my parents came from a generation that believed their kids wouldn't succeed in English if they were taught Korean. I cannot converse with my relatives, only their children who grew up here speaking English. I can speak French better than Korean which I learned in high school. This has frustrated me all my life. I believe that children are sponges and very capable of several languages, and in this changing world isn't it necessary? I'd just like to help make it as easy and fun as possible. Anyone with me? Monica

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