What we're about

Welcome! This is a group for developers who want to learn about and build scalable decentralized applications. We typically have a mix of educational content, hands-on workshops, hack days, hackathons, tech talks and deep dives.

Basically, we’ll talk about code and we’ll write code.

You might have experience working with existing blockchains or you might be coming fresh from more standard web or mobile development areas. It actually doesn’t matter -- NEAR smart contracts are written in TypeScript so you won’t find it difficult to pick up.

What is NEAR Protocol anyway? NEAR is a highly scalable, developer-friendly blockchain and smart contract platform. You might be familiar with Ethereum, EOS, Tron etc… NEAR is the next generation beyond these platforms. You can learn all about it at The Beginner's Guide to the NEAR Blockchain, which also contains plenty of resources for digging deeper: https://medium.com/nearprotocol/the-beginners-guide-to-the-near-blockchain-62f1c739e098

We'd love to have you join us!

## Still curious to find out more?

Check out the website at https://www.nearprotocol.com , join the community on Discord at http://near.chat , follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nearprotocol , watch the ongoing video series' on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/nearprotocol and, finally, stay in the loop on the project and the industry via the blog at https://medium.com/nearprotocol .

If you really want to dive in and start coding, the documentation is available at https://docs.nearprotocol.com and the web-based IDE is https://studio.nearprotocol.com .

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