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NYC Non-Profit Musical Theatre (though we are retaining that moniker temporarily) has officially merged with Spectatorium Co-Op for the Performing Arts, which serves not only the city but now the entire NY Metro Area, including Upstate, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Since the original organizer, for whatever reason, withdrew from that position a couple of months ago, and the group was threatened with foreclosure within one week by the MeetUp honchos, since no one else was apparently willing to take on the duties, it seemed the right thing to man-up.

We intend to actually incorporate with New York State as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable entity, which means that any money donated is not subject to state, local or federal taxes, but must be used to serve the community through the creation and presentation of new musicals to as wide an audience as possible at reasonable and affordable ticket prices, or without charging admission to those on limited incomes.

This means forming a seven-member board of directors to supervise all transactions, whether legal, financial, real estate (renting or buying and maintaining a physical plant, i.e., performance and rehearsal space) advertising/marketing, audience development and services, and daily operations.

We'll also create an advisory board consisting of business people who support our efforts, who will solicit the support of others, and contribute not just money, but in-kind goods and services.

Our membership is open to anyone, whether audience, or those in the industry, whether professional or amateur. That includes: composers, lyricists, librettists, directors, choreographers, designers, stagehands, technicians, musicians, and producers/theatre owners, agents, etc.

We'll not only present new shows, but those from past decades (40 years ago, or more) which have been neglected despite their high quality, avoiding the warhorses which are regularly revived on Broadway and in other major markets.

The choices range from small, intimate musicals which will fit nicely into performance spaces which seat 99 people, to large-cast ensemble shows (whether now forgotten, or which initially failed unjustly due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances) and deserve another chance.

In addition, we'll offer seminars, workshops and classes, at nominal fees, to those who want to learn the art and craft of making Musical Theatre

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City Center Rehearsal Studios


Continuing the process to incorporate as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization and limited liability company. Making plans for our first show which will hopefully go up the end of April.

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Incorporation and Plans for Our First Show

New York City Center

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