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R workshop III: "3 hours to learn ggplot2" series: 1 out 3

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It is "3 hours to learn ggplot2" series: 1 out 3

07/28/2013 Update

Due to family emergency, Vivian have to leave USA for 10 days. This event is rescheduled to Aug 29th(Thursday). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Speaker Bio:

Vivian Zhang is co-founder and CTO of a statistical consulting firm. She focus on business analytics and big data technologies and is a data-aholics, visualization evangelist and programmer. She worked for several well-known research institutes in the past five years and published a few papers with top scholars. The most recent publication is about effective statistical method design to reducing HIV test cost and is accepted by Journal of the American Statistical Association(JASA) in May 2013.

Kai Xiao is Data Scientist and work with Vivian. He got Master of Economy and work intensively with R. He will teach plyr in Sept,too.


Download Rstudio and ggplot2 R package.

Class slides at


7:00-8:00pm Vivian will demonstrate ggplot2 codes and explain in depth.

8:00-9:00pm hack time, TA


Vivian will introduce 7 basic concepts in ggplot2(mapping, scale,geometic, statistic, coordinate,layer, facet) and go over techniques to draw point. Next two ggplot2 sessions will cover bar,histogram,line, tile and map drawing).


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