Data Exploration with Python (Free Webinar)

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Join our free online webinar series and learn about Data Exploration with Python.


NYCDSA instructor and admissions manager Drace Zhan, will be presenting a talk on exploring data using tools provided in Python. The demo lesson will display some standard fundamentals of the Python programming language as well as the Pandas library for data manipulation.

This event is to help you with important information regarding NYCDSA and how it has assisted many in achieving their data science goals at companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Google, JP Morgan, and more! You will also get more information about the admissions process and how to get started in data science.

Throughout the session, you'll learn the tools, techniques, and fundamental concepts you need to know to make immediate impacts with data.

What you will learn from this session:
In the first part of the info session, we will give you an overview of what makes NYC Data Science Academy different. You will learn how to prepare for the Bootcamp, what to learn, and application process.

The second part of the information session will be a talk by Drace Zhan on Data Exploration using Python. Participants are encouraged to download Anaconda and Jupyter notebook alongside Python 3 to code along with the evening's activity.

The information session will be as follows:
7:00 - 7:10 pm - Introduction to NYC Data Science Academy and What We Do
7:10 - 7:45 pm - Data Exploration with Python
7:45 - 8:00 pm - Q&A