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New to photography? Know your way around a camera but your skills need some fine tuning?

With so many resources now available out there, where do you start?

Our experts in the field can help guide you through the process – both creative and technical – in image making.

NYC Digital Photography Workshops creates fun, yet informative, GROUP and PRIVATE workshops on over 120 photography topics on everything from how to use your new DSLR, manual settings and composition to studio lighting, fashion and street photography that spark creativity and technical know-how with or without having the latest and greatest gear. You will learn real-world photography techniques both in the studio and/or in the field.

NYCDPW occasionally leads themed Photo Walking Tours with its owner, Dawn M. Wayand, to exercise your skills, build your portfolio and make new friends in a more intimate group environment. We provide outlets for your photography via occasional Group Exhibitions in various places such as SoHo, Chelsea, Lower East Side and more.

We aim to build your confidence as a photographer all while giving you the skills you need to succeed as a photographer. At NYCDPW, you will be part of a community of photographers, from novice to expert, where you can hone your craft. Our instructors, themselves working photographers, have walked in your shoes. They speak your language and understand your challenges. Yes, intuitive instruction that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Register today…we look forward to helping YOU become the photographer YOU want to be!

Shoot. Learn. Become MORE Awesome.

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The Art of Composition and Breaking the Rules

NW Corner of 72nd Street / Fifth Avenue, Manhattan


As photographers, it’s our job to look for and incorporate certain aesthetics that keep a viewer interested while viewing our photographs. The aesthetics boil down to subject matter and composition. You may have heard of The Rule of Thirds and that following this guideline increases the quality of the composition. However, the Rule of Thirds is only one element that can enhance good composition. There are many elements of composition that make up an extraordinary photograph and in this workshop, we will discover these various elements. We also will also go over numerous instances where it is perfectly acceptable to break the Rule of Thirds, center your subject, and still have an exceptional photograph. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of what to look for when you are shooting to create better compositions and how to break the rules and still achieve extraordinary photographs. Requirements: Please bring your camera, fully charged batteries, and an empty camera memory card as well as a pen and paper for notes. We will start with a quick Powerpoint presentation at the meeting point and then you will be released into the park to look for opportunities to practice what you learned. Please bring plenty of hydration and dress accordingly!! Due to the current Covid pandemic, we ask that all students wear a protective mask during the course of at least the presentation portion of the workshop for your own protection and as a courtesy for the protection of other students and the instructor. About the Instructor: Dawn M. Wayand is a professional photographer, exhibition curator, photography educator, and founder of NYC Digital Photography Workshops. Having published nearly 100 feature photography articles and gear reviews since late-2015, Dawn has written for the Adorama Learning Center, B&H Photo, and Digital Photography School. Dawn has been shooting travel, street, and candid portraits since 2001 and has been working with models and actors shooting portraits, headshots, and fashion through her own photography business, Dawn M. Wayand Photography, since 2014.

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