Pres. Obama's Legacy: a Success, Failure, or a Mixed Record?

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As the Obama Administration winds down, we'll take a final critical look at the accomplishments and failures, as well as the scandals and any unfulfilled obligations for the past eight years. Back in July 2014 (, we held a similar discussion -- we'll now bookend this topic, as President-Elect Trump's Administration is poised to undo much of the Obama Administration's efforts.

To that end, we'll discuss and evaluate the Administration's record with respect to the following:

I. Handling of the economic, commerce, and budgetary matters (e.g., the Recovery Act of 2009, TARP, the GM bailout, the Dodd-Frank Act, GDP, unemployment, and the national debt, etc.)

II. Domestic policies and programs (e.g., Obamacare, race relations, the Second Amendment, energy policy, marriage equality, the Supreme Court nominations, and the use of Executive Actions, etc.)

III. Foreign policy and international affairs (e.g., the continuance and discontinuance of the Bush-era policies; Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, the "Arab Spring," the Iran Deal, the use of drones, the rise of ISIS, the so-called "Asian Pivot," TPP, China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Gitmo, and the Paris Agreement, etc.)

Above all, we'll evaluate the Obama Presidency relative to other modern Presidents.

*** If time permits, we'll go out to a nearby restaurant for some food and drinks after the discussion.