Motion Debate: "Does the government have a duty to educate its citizens?"

"The NYC Political Forum"
"The NYC Political Forum"
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This is an invitation to attend and watch a live motion debate as an audience. This event is sponsored by ( click here ( to sign up for the event.

Come watch Chuck ( and Rob ( of the NYCPF debate another team of professional debaters on a motion involving the role of government and public education. The attendees will NOT be participating in the actual debate, as this invitation is offered for those to simply to come and watch a live debate.

The debate format will follow the "Intelligence Squared (" format.

Once you RSVP, the organizers will send you a link to an external event page to complete the sign up.

Very limited spots available, offered on a first-come basis.


Event Schedule:

6:30pm -- pre-debate intro (beer and cofee offered)

7:00 to 9:00pm -- motion debate (pro vs. con of the motion)