The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives -- a townhall discussion

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INTRO -- please watch this short TED Talks video by Jonathan Haidt:


We've partnered with WeWork for this special "townhall" style event. The discussions will be moderated by Andy ( and Thomas.

This discussion will initially start out with the five "moral statements of the righteous minds," as mentioned in the TED Talks.

- harm / care
- fairness / reciprocity
- in-group / loyalty
- authority / respect
- purity / sanctity

We'll then discuss different ways how the liberals and conservatives perceive their own psychology vis-à-vis the psychology of their ideological counterparts. We'll compare and contrast the instinctual, tribal, and steadfast "visceral" views held by both sides, including the following examples:

- On "rational" thinking
- On "progress" and "inequalities"
- On "emotionalism" and objectivity
- On individual responsibility
- On individualism vs. collectivism
- On technology and cultural preservation

Rather than passing value judgments on one side or the other, we're simply having an open discussion, in earnest, about the philosophical and moral basis for each side's views, and how each side perceive their ideological counterparts.

FINALLY, we'll discuss what is means to have a "red-pill" or "blue-pill" moment, where a fundamental view held by oneself on a particular issue has changed based on a certain event or series of events.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The NYCPF is a nonpartisan organization. As such, we do not promote or endorse any particular ideologies or political parties. Rather, our aim is to foster independent, critical thinking by exchange of views with the highest level of intellectual rigor. While some -- if not many -- issues go beyond the conventional Left-Right paradigm, for the purposes of this discussion, we'll apply this two-sided binary distinction (sorry Libertarians and Independents).