The Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 . . . a 30-year lookback

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Thirty years ago, on this month, the massive student protests in Beijing resulted in a declaration of marshal law and a military crackdown by the Communist Regime -- later to be remembered as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which resulted in deaths of thousands.

As we look back at this watershed moment in history, we'll discuss the following:

- The post-Cultural Revolution period reforms giving rise to demand for more reforms.

- China's tensions and alliances with other Nations during the Cold War, and how they influenced the protestors' demands.

- The impetus giving rise to the April 1989 protests and the protestors' momentum in May 1989.

- The role of domestic and international media in covering the protests, as well as the international reaction.

- The Communist regime's declaration of marshal law.

- The death toll from the massacre and the government's systematic cover up in a concerted misinformation campaign.

- The continuing censorship and oppression by the Communist Party on the mainland.

- The recent extradition bill proposed for residents of Hong Kong and the "Yellow Umbrella" protests of 2014 -- how they were influenced by the Tiananmen Square protests.

- FINALLY, the legacy of Tiananmen Square in the context of "modern" China.