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Every time you stand in front of people, you have a golden life-time opportunity to lead, to let your true self shine through, to make an impact, and to get closer to your fulfilled potentials. And every time you let that chance go by choosing to remain silent, you give away a part of your life to waste. It is a pity. It is a crime! NYC Power Speakers provides you a well protected extra cushioned practice stage where you can safely try to fall. If you fall 100 times, we will pick you up 100 times; if you fall 1000 times, we will pick you up 1000 times. Until you can run. Until you can fly.

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Organizing your speech effectively (Toastmasters Speech Contest Series #1)

NYU Skirball Institute of Bimolecular

Speeches typically serve four general purposes: to inform, persuade, instruct, or entertain. Whatever the purpose is for a specific speech, the audience must first understand the speech before any further influence is exerted on them. So for us speakers, the question is how we can write and deliver the speech to promote and facilitate understanding? How to open to grab attentions? In what sequence should the ideas be presented and bridged to withhold the attention?And how to end with a bang to provoke long lasting aftertaste ? An effectively organized speech will be more enjoyable, easier to understand and add credibility to both the speaker and the speech itself. The audience will also remember the information better. At the Nov 21 meeting We will dissect the organization of the winning speeches in this year's Toastmasters International Speech Contest. This insight will help us to evaluate if our own speech is effectively organized. Speech contest 2020 is around the corner. Less than 3 months left. Let's do our homework!

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