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This is language Meetup I will dedicate each time frame to practicing English, French, Spanish and all other languages.

This is a unique Meetup because unlike others I will create events for different types of languages. One day maybe Korean-English speakers, Spanish-Eng, or Chinese-Eng, etc. You get the idea.
As we grow I will create these type of events but for now I’ll stick to Learning English.
So before each Meetup we will get to know who speaks what language. After that I will have that person switch the conversation to teach us their native language. I will always begin with either English or Spanish depends on who shows up. If there’s no Spanish speakers I will only teach English and I’ll rotate the conversation so that way we can correct ourselves to have the person learn how to say and translate in English.

It sounds complicated but it’s fun and I’ll promise you that you’ll learn a lot better with my methods.

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***SPACE IS LIMITED/ESPACIO LIMITADO*** Info: Se llama/ Is called “IMPROMINGO” ###ATTENTION: RSVP AL LINK AQUI /RSVP IN THE LINK HERE### https://www.teatrolatea.org/ourevents/ This is a theatre event with all spanish speaking actors. This is a unique event that will bring you scenarios on how to speak with some slang and have a better understanding of the language. This is a comedy theme I’ve been coming to this theatre for two years and I love their plays. These actors are funny and very entertaining. There’s only a few spots open so please make sure you’re 100% sure your going. They only have limited seating because is free and feel free to give even a small donation to them to support Spanish theatre. I’m only willing to take up to 7 people because the whole event is only 20 people allowed is not my play or else I’ll invite everyone who wants to go. Este es un evento de teatro con actores que hablan solo hablan en español. Este evento es único porque demuestra escenarios en cómo hablar el idioma español informal y lo va dar un entendido en cómo se habla el idioma. El tema es de comedia, yo ha venido a este teatro por dos años y me gustan sus obras. Estos actores son chistosos y bien entretenido. Ellos tienen espacio limitado porque es gratis pero si es tan amable pueden donar un poco por la causa del teatro hispano. Solo puedo llevar a 7 personas porque no es mi evento si no yo invitara a mucha gente que quiere ir. La capacidad es para 20 personas en total. Be on time / venga a tiempo

Ezoo 2019

Randall's Island Wards Meadow Fields

Hello everyone, I’m selling tickets for EZOO 2019 is a festival that happens every year in Randall’s island. This festival has various types of music genres they are separated between 5 to 6 stages. There’s techno, House, trance, electronic and others that are performed here by famous DJs. Message me at[masked] if your interested in buying tickets.

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