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Meet with local Revit users to discuss and share the platform's use for BIM implementation. Our group will cover Architecture, Structure and MEP, and related technology, practices, and issues.

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Vendor Showcase: How to pyRevit

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DESCRIPTION: Python is simple. Revit is powerful. This talk explores the power of scripting for Revit, specifically in python, and the vast amount of power that is hidden under the Revit’s user interface that could be harnessed using simple programs., tailored to support your specific workflows. SPEAKER: Ehsan Iran Nejad, like you, is a tinkerer and maker. Curiosity is his power; and making things better, his purpose. With many years of experience as an Architect designing spaces, he now spends his time getting better at Architecting software at McNeel. His main focus is supporting the integration of Rhino/GH ecosystem into Revit.

AEC Tech (Thornton Tomasetti Technology Symposium & Hackathon)

This year, the collaboration with Thornton Tomasetti's AEC Tech Symposium & Hackathon is taking shape in an online format. NYC RUG member will receive a discount on the various event: https://www.aectech.us/program If you are interested in joining, contact us here on Meetup and we'll get you the discount code. Since our founding in 2011, CORE studio has presented dozens of workshops, seminars, and classes to colleagues and industry professionals. We created AEC Tech Academy in 2019 to offer even more learning opportunities to the scientific and academic communities. AEC Tech Academy believes education is crucial to the growth and advancement of the AEC industry. We recognize the importance of teaching workflows and processes to enable the development of more intelligent products. Our goals are increased knowledge sharing and awareness of technology and computational methods across the community. We achieve these goals by hosting a variety of professional master-class events and providing an online learning portal. REGISTER: https://whova.com/portal/registration/aecte_202010/ AEC Tech values building an open community of knowledge sharing for industry progression. Our goals are to produce a space for creative minds to build new technology, learn skills, and foster connections with like-minded individuals. We achieve these goals by providing an annual event that consists of professional development workshops, symposium, and hackathon to enhance collaboration and communication. Since our creation in 2013, we have grown from a two-day conference into a four-day experience for all individuals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry and beyond. The event has developed past a simple conference and into professional development workshops, speakers and presentations, and a 24-30 hour hackathon. We aim to provide the most comprehensive workshops in the latest technology, bring in current industry leaders, and offer a space for project growth, development, and networking.

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BIM in Academia: The Year in Preview (AIA Credits)

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