• Food Safety Tech Startup Talk

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    Restaurant owners have been focusing their dollars on investing into tech for marketing, sales and brand management. We're hosting the "Food Safety Tech Startups Panel" to showcase the latest tech startups that are building software that can help a restaurant stay up to date in Food Safety with innovative ideas and solutions. Our event will host a panel of tech startups and one restaurant owner. Topics How are restaurants handling food safety around food poisoning. How are restaurants tracking their ingredients that may be on recall. How are restaurants training their employees on proper food safety protocol Are restaurant grades A/B/C/D/F indicative of a restaurants health. What are the technology trends in this space that are coming from a result of restaurants not monitoring their Food Safety Where do you see the industry heading for food safety monitoring Moderator: TBA Speaker #1 - Patrick Quade – CEO of Dinesafe.org Patrick Quade is the CEO and Founder of the foodborne illness crowdsourcing and data solutions companies Dinesafe.org and Iwaspoisoned.com. Patrick and his companies partner with thousands of public health agencies and industry subscribers throughout the US and the world, in providing surveillance, analytics, customer care, and outbreak detection services. Patrick’s background is originally in Finance, most recently the Institutional Securities Group/Interest Rates Desk at Morgan Stanley, and was inspired to develop his platforms after a personal experience. Speaker #2 - Gretchen Hoefling - RiskLimiter.com