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"THE CUBES" (original pilot), TV MEETING - TUESDAY, MAY 29th NYCSC

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Review: "The Cubes" By Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

The first 2 episodes of an original 30-minute multi-camera TV show.

Log Line: A management consulting firm provides the backdrop for an intergenerational conflict between dysfunctional, cubicle-bound worker bees and even more dysfunctional senior partners; think Downton Abbey meets Office Space.

(PS: both Downton Abbey and Office Space are available on Netflix streaming)

Download the SCRIPT from our "Files" ( section the week before our meeting. PASSWORD goes out in an email on Tuesday morning, 7 days prior to the meeting, right after the Script gets posted. You'll need this to open the script. Members who RSVP less than 7 days ahead, please email Tawny for the password.


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