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What we’re about

The NY Sharing Economy Meetup connects the different groups and people in New York City interested in the sharing economy. It is intended for tech and non-tech alike, public and private, academics, founders, students, investors, city officials, visitors to NYC and more. We post sharing economy happenings across New York.

The Sharing Economy often involves a shift towards interactions between peers and a more sustainable use of resources. It creates a new economic paradigm built on distributed networks of connected individuals and communities rather than on centralized institutions. (You may have heard people refer to it as collaborative consumption, the peer economy and the collaborative economy.) This new economic model is changing our daily lives, our communities, what it means to have a “job,” our cities, and the planet.

The NY Sharing Economy Meetup is a collaborative organization driven by its members. All members are invited to suggest events that will enable the community to better understand the potential and challenges of this new economy, leverage new technologies, benefit from new opportunities, hear about cutting-edge research, experience new ways of sharing and much more. Examples of groups involved include Let's Collaborate!, New York University, OuiShare, Peers and more.

Events that are organized by external parties will be notified as 'Partner events'