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The focus in today's world is geared towards the digital, evermore towards comfort and remote interactions, leaving the act of 'putting yourself out there' a relic of the past. A continuous lack of certain kinds of social interaction, specially the kind that challenges the individual, could result in a loss of social awareness and potential self development. This group is made with the idea that a little discomfort goes a long way, that it is healthy and of great benefit to the individual to expose him/herself to things that might make one feel uncomfortable or out of place; to grow past personal pointless walls, and to build upon their ruins. This group is here to make that individual journey a group effort, to create a path to synergize our way into further development.

As the meetup starts to take shape, an idea is to have three levels of 'social intensity' to organize our events.

-Mild events (easy), exposure with only other members, for example: a greet & meet, a walk, a movie...

-Regular events (normal), exposure to the general public, for example: attending a public event, a class, a night out...

-Insane events (hard), exposure to the public as the center of attention, for example: giving a speech, signing up for a competition, taking part in an open mic...

This group is new so we are open to any ideas and suggestions.

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