• New Moon Meetup: Spiritual Card Reading - Life Purpose (Group Session)

    At this relaxing and inspirational meetup, you will receive an oracle card reading about your life purpose, then, we all will share our thoughts and feelings about your card.⭐️ *Please note that you will have about/at least 10 minutes for your reading & discussion as this is a group session. This meetup can be concluded with a simple healing energy circle upon attendees’ request.💫 ---------- IMPORTANT: - Please RSVP if you plan to attend. - If you need to cancel a reservation, please change your RSVP to No as soon as possible as seats are limited. No-Show Policy: *Members who RSVP to an event and do not show up to it without prior notice will be considered a No-Show. *Members who No-Show 3 times will be removed from our group. Please understand that this No-Show Policy is to keep our group healthy, and to bring positive energy into meetups. I believe that being spiritual is being responsible and considerate. I hope No-Shows will be rare occurrences with this group. :) - This event will be canceled if there will be no attendee the day before the event. - Please be mindful of the place we’re using and consider buying something if you attend. ---------- Thank you for your understanding.🙏