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June 16, 2015 -- Announcing the reboot of NYC Technical Trader Talks


NYC Technical Trader Talks brings together seasoned and aspiring traders using technical analysis in the financial markets. From our traderoom in Midtown Manhattan we gather traders with a myriad of methodologies and perspectives to help (1) those now trading enhance their processes and results, and (2) those starting out develop a core trading methodology. In the months ahead we will develop extensions to regular live meet-ups through a free, online trading community to permit members to share ideas, charts, engage in discussions, deal with the ups and downs of this business, overcome inertia in getting off the ground, and other subjects.

For those bouncing from one approach to another, looking at dozens of webinars and being bombarded by miracle systems in emails, getting started is daunting. Besides regular monthly in-person gatherings, we will have a free extension to let people share what they're doing, which can act as a trigger for aspiring traders to identify trade-styles and methods that resonate for them. Trading isn't one-size-fits-all.

Those who are progressing are always looking to continue their advancement. Trading is a journey and an evolution. For those of you comfortable with your progress, you know there's always something new to learn and no part of your process is ever perfect. Sometimes your progress stalls. Talking to the right person or hearing about something someone else is doing that resonates for you can be the catalyst for another leap forward. Maybe it's the force that spurs your advancement and makes you (more) profitable.

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I'm Mitch Firestone, a full-time trader here in NYC. I live in Chelsea and work out of a traderoom in Midtown West. I have stepped up to become the new organizer of NYCTTT so want to introduce myself.

I've been trading successfully for a living for 3+ years, supporting myself and my family 100% through trading: (1) day- and swing-trading equities (2) options and (3) intraday futures. Now three years into being fully confident in my individual trading, I started coaching aspiring and intermediate traders about 18 months ago, and in the last six months decided to become involved in the trading “community.” This includes hosting meet-ups, a graduate group where I received my trading education, as well developing Precision Trading Laboratories, a trading-connected business with my friend and business partner Ryan here in the traderoom.

I'm currently a co-organizer in another NYC trading meet-up I'm quite proud of, but when I saw NYCTTT was dormant I decided to step up. I've got some ideas about shepherding a trading meet-up that's not only a stand-alone monthly meeting, but also a trading community that will benefit all involved.

Why do this?

I have a passion for trading and the markets. I enjoy talking about them and interacting with others with the same passion.

I remember how I felt when I was trying to find my way. To help others through this always makes me feel good. Seeing the light-bulb go off over someone's head or getting a phone call about how someone's P&L has gone green is gratifying and fun. I was recently at a trading social function with a successful student of mine and hearing him glowingly describe me as his mentor was a great feeling.

I am always learning from others. Putting together a group of intermediate and advanced traders and committed, dedicated beginners can be a fantastic mix if correctly done.

The act of teaching and preparing for presentations forces me to constantly evaluate my process and makes be better able to react, analyze and explain trading scenarios. This makes me sharper, more knowledgeable, and makes me a better trader. With the reboot of NYCTTT, those in the group who present their knowledge and lead discussions will find the same benefits.

I love trading. Having said that, for many it's a solitary endeavor, which led me to the traderoom. Little did I know that not only would it be socially better, but it accelerated my progress. While I was successful with stocks and options, I was less so with futures. That all changed sitting next to my buddy Ryan here for six months. That sort of effect can arise within this group with the right structure, an extension of the group now being worked on, and interest and commitment from our members.

I've got some ideas about turning this meet-up into a living trading community and I'd love to work with interested members to get this off the ground. As I said, I work out of a traderoom in Midtown West that can host this group early weekday evenings, and have some thoughts about how to extend the group beyond the in-person meet-up..

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