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NYC Technical Trader Talks brings together seasoned and aspiring traders using technical analysis in the financial markets. From Precision Trading Labs's headquarters on Wall Street we gather new and experienced traders with diverse methodologies and perspectives to help (1) those now trading enhance their processes and results, and (2) those starting out develop a core trading methodology & (3) simply talk trading, which for PTL and most of the people in our group, is not just a way of making money in the markets, but a passion.

For those bouncing from one approach to another, looking at dozens of webinars and being bombarded by miracle systems in emails, getting started is daunting. Besides regular monthly in-person gatherings, we will have a free extension to let people share what they're doing, which can act as a trigger for aspiring traders to identify trade-styles and methods that resonate for them. Trading isn't one-size-fits-all.

Those who are progressing are always looking to continue their advancement. Trading is a journey and an evolution. For those of you comfortable with your progress, you know there's always something new to learn and no part of your process is ever perfect. Sometimes your progress stalls. Talking to the right person or hearing about something someone else is doing that resonates for you can be the catalyst for another leap forward. Maybe it's the force that spurs your advancement and makes you (more) profitable.

So please join NYCTTT by hitting the "join us' button and answer the short questionnaire. The first question asks for your email address, which will be held in the strictest of confidence. By letting us contact you we can provide:

• Descriptions and background material for upcoming events, including the ability for you to suggest topics or a question to be addressed at the event
• Special event invitations, both in-person on Wall Street as well as live webinars
• Details about useful trading websites, events, information sources, etc.
• An invitation to our upcoming free remote trader community

NYCTTT's organizers, Mitch Firestone and Ryan Nocera of Precision Trading Labs, NYC (www.precisiontradinglabs.com). look forward to meeting you.

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