• NYC Testers Social Hours

    Flatiron Hall Restaurant and Beer Hall

    It's been awhile. It's long over due so let's talk testing!

    Come join us at the bar and meet your fellow testers. This is a casual social and networking event. Pay your own way but the shared testing wisdom is free.

  • Test Masters Test-A-Thon Contest and Social Event

    AMA Conference Center

    Join other amazing testers in a testing contest! You will be testing new app with a secret twist. Bring your friends, show your skills, learn from your peers, have fun!
    The contest starts on 5:15 PM and goes for 1 hr. Reception, award ceremony and networking with the international test experts will follow.
    This event will take place during largest New York's Software Testing and QA conference ConTEST NYC. Not too late to register at http://contest-nyc.testmastersacademy.org Use promocode TESTMASTERS25 for 25% discount!

  • Test Leadership Congress Social Event with New York's Testing Meetups

    Join us and NYC Testing Meetups for the Evening Reception at 6:00 PM this June 5th at AMA Conference Center, 1601 Broadway.

    1. Networking with the thought leaders in the global testing community: Alan Page, USA (leading author of “How we Test Software at Microsoft”), Nancy Kelln, Canada (co-founder of POST), Lalitkumar Bhamare, Germany (Editor-in-Chief of Tea-Time With Testers magazine) and others.
    2. Roundtable discussions and games.
    3. Meeting the leading test automation tool vendors, who deploy Artificial Intelligence in the next generation of software testing tools: Applitools, InfoStretch, and others.
    4. Food, drinks and the good time!

    It’s not too late to register for full 3 days of Test Leadership Congress, an international conference featuring emerging trends, latest developments, experience, and practical advice in software quality leadership that takes place on June 4th-6th in New York.

    Register at: http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/

    We invite YOU to learn from companies and innovators that occupy technology news headlines, be among the ones who influence the future of technology, and leave with ideas granting unfair competitive advantage. Our presenters are scientists, executives and senior specialists overseeing software testing and quality engineering strategies.

    It’s everything you need to be ahead of the game.

    Join us to:
    • Understand the modern technology landscape
    • Get trained in risk management techniques
    • Enhance technical leadership skills
    • Develop long-term strategies
    • Build and manage productive teams
    • Influence positive changes in the organization
    • Master budgetary investments and resources
    • Arm your team with the best tools on the market
    • Inspire the culture of quality
    • Meet community leaders
    • Practice, debate, confer

    Look forward to your participation!

    Anna Royzman, Test Masters Academy founder

  • We're Back! March NYC Testers Meetup


    • What we'll do
    6:30 - 7:00 Mingle
    7:00 - 7:15 Welcome and Announcements
    7:15 - 8:15 Featured Speaker and Q&A

    Featured Speaker:

    Katelyn Rodrigue
    Senior SQA Analyst, GameChanger

    Become a Better Android Apps Tester

    The Android operating system has surpassed Windows to become the most popular operating system for internet usage in the world. With over 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store chances are you have tested or will test Android native apps in your career. This two part talk will provide you with a deeper understanding of Android applications and leave you with test cases and tools that will improve your testing strategy.

    Part 1: Testing for the Android Activity Lifecycle. Have you ever uncovered a bug by simply rotating your Android device? Or maybe you’ve gotten a message that your backgrounded app crashed while you weren’t even using it? The Android Activity Lifecycle is how your app handles transitions like these and many more. Learn about the lifecycle paradigm, what cases to run to ensure you catch common lifecycle bugs, and the built in tools to help you deeply test your app’s activities.

    Part 2: Testing your Android App’s Accessibility. Testers try to work from the perspective of an end user when testing that an app is “usable”. However our perspective of the end user often neglects the nearly 20% of the world’s population that is reported to have a disability. That means one in five of our end users has a different viewpoint of what it means for an app to be usable. We as testers have the responsibility to test that our app is accessible to all end users. Learn about the tools Android has in place to help you test your app’s accessibility and improve your definition of usability testing.

    • What to bring
    Bring photo ID for building security

  • November NYC Testers Meetup: ConTEST NYC Social Event

    AMA Conference Center

    Test Masters Academy invites you to contribute to the professional growth of the global testing community by sharing your passion, unique insights, skills, and knowledge at ConTEST NYC Social Event (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/contest2017/).

    In the program:

    1. Technical Lab Trials. Explore and test new technologies. (5-6 PM).

    2. Meet the speakers and attendees from around the world, engage in testing discussions, and enjoy games and activities.


    We invite YOU to discover emergent trends and practices in software testing and quality engineering, lay your hands and eyes on latest technologies and immerse yourself in the thought leadership of others in 3 unforgettable days at ConTEST NYC, November 29th - December 1st, 2017.

    Limited time savings offer:

    GET 35% discount on all conference passes with the promo code BLKFRIDAY. Sale ends at midnight Friday, November 25th.

    To purchase your ticket to this year's ConTest NYC CLICK HERE (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/contest2017/)

  • Workshop Invitation: Test Driven Development with React and Jasmine

    NYC Testers partnered with XO Group to invite you to a TDD with React workshop. The focus will be on developing React components with a test-first approach. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of the unit and feature testing with the library Jasmine while building React components. A basic knowledge of React is recommended.

    This workshop will be a two-day event: Friday evening is the orientation and installation procedures, Saturday is the full day training. The participation is free. If you are interested, please register at the following link:


    NOTE: This invitation is only a placeholder. Register at the above link or your RSVP won't count.

  • June NYC Testers Meetup

    The Farm SoHo


    Combinatorial Test Optimization

    There is a lot of focus on HOW testing is done (DevOps, Agile, Exploratory vs Scripted, Automated Execution vs. Manual Execution etc.) and WHERE testing is done (US vs. Offshore). There is not enough attention given to WHAT SCENARIOS get tested and which potential scenarios do not get selected. This presentation is about the advantages and limitations of using Design of Experiments-based test optimization methods.

    What is it?

    How is it different than "Traditional Risk-Based Testing” methods?

    Why does it matter?

    What advantages / benefits can it deliver?

    Achieving more coverage while using fewer tests seems counter-intuitive; how is it possible to achieve both at once?

    Where is it applicable?

    What are limitations to adopting test optimization approaches?

    Case Studies; what good (and bad) experiences have various teams had?

    What are some practical suggestions for starting to use Combinatorial Test Optimization methods?

    Our guest speaker is Justin Hunter!

    Justin Hunter is founder and CEO of Hexawise, and is a leading expert in combinatorial test design methods. An author, blogger, conference speaker, and instructor, he has co-authored pragmatic software testing books, technical combinatorial test design articles, informative pairwise testing blog posts, and accessible test optimization presentations. Justin can be reached at [masked] and on LinkedIn.

  • May Lightning Talks - We want you to be the speaker!

    Microsoft Technology Center


    Join us as we share as a community!

    Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations that can be on any testing related subject. We've done this perviously and people seemed to really enjoy it so we're happy to have an opportunity to do it again. We'll have time for 10 - 12 presentations.

    There is still time to sign up to speak!

    How to sign up:
    1. Fill out this form ( https://goo.gl/forms/PJkfN5CawSSktA823 )
    2. The organizers will contact you via email for any next steps
    3. Attend the meetup and be prepared to present

    This is an excellent opportunity for new speakers to get some public speaking experience in a safe and supportive space. It's also great for more experienced speakers to share their knowledge.

    Sign up today and watch this space for updates!

    Talks so far:

    Speaker: Alexandra Schieren (Orchard Platform - QA Engineer)
    Title: It's Just....
    As testers, it’s easy to observe, experience or hear something incorrect, and immediately say something that involves the sentiment conveyed by ‘It’s just…’ Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is not ‘its just’, but something more complex. It is important that testers can learn to take their thinking of ‘it’s just’ and change their mentality to approach problems they are facing. Perhaps without noticing, testers create problems when they vocalize this thinking whether it is intentional or not: Relationship with developers is weakened Relationship with managers (e.g. project/product/business) becomes untrustworthy They are perceived as ignorant and/or stupid and have no desire to learn They are viewed as a hinderance to the team When/If the problem is addressed/fixed they are unappreciative of the work involved. Communication partnered with understanding and appreciation of tea contributions are essential components for healthy team dynamics. When a problem is seen it is easy to jump to a ‘it’s just’; whether that is intentional or not, but recognizing when we do this and knowing how to fix it will make us better testers.

    Speaker: Mohammed R Hassan (Huge - QA Analyst)
    Title: Bug Summary/title: many ways to say the same thing!
    Description: I will discuss instances where we have to give a title to a difficult bug and some good practices when writing bug titles.

    Speaker: Shirin Bashar (Mount Sinai Health Systems: Application Analyst I)
    Title: Progressing while regressing
    Description: How regression testing helped me learn the system quickly.

    Speaker: Joshua Gorospe (Intersection, Test Engineer)
    Title: Visualize your test process
    Description: Discussion about how to bring test coverage to a broader audience using visualization techniques such as dashboards.

    Speaker: Jeff Campbell (Etsy - Software Engineer in Test: Mobile Apps)
    Title: Increase Test Contributors With a Testing Workshop
    Description: Having trouble keeping your team motivated to test their code? Are people interested in writing tests but don't know where to start? Try organizing a Testing Workshop dedicated to discussing, maintaining, and expanding your test suite.

  • May NYC Testers Meetup at Test Leadership Congress

    AMA Conference Center

    NYC Testers Community meets Test Leadership Congress (http://TestLeadershipCongress-NY.com) guests for an evening of discussions, games and activities.

    In the program:

    1. Round Table discussions with the renowned speakers on topics of:

    • Changing role of Testers and skills needed to succeed

    • Automation Strategies

    • Leadership and management

    • DevOps tools

    • More

    2. Testing Games and activities.

    3. In-house Prize Drawings. Win a DRONE from Infostretch, the conference sponsor!

    Among the guests: Jon Bach, creator of Session Based Test Management methodology, Angie Jones, the Automation Specialist and inventor, Fiona Charles, Test Leadership development coach, and other international guests well known in global testing community.

    See the speakers lineup here:
    http://TestLeadershipCongress-NY.com (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/)

    NYC Testers - register with discount NYCTEST and save 10% on the tickets price.

  • February NYC Testers event

    Capital One


    Speakers: Martin Hynie &Anna Royzman

    Martin Hynie
    With over fifteen years of specialization in software testing, Martin Hynie’ s attention has gradually focused on emphasizing value through communication, team development, organizational learning, and the significant role that testers can play to help enable these.

    A self-confessed conference and workshop junkie, Martin travels the world to meet inspiring people, and learn whatever he can. He incorporates ideas introduced by various sources of inspiration (including Cynefin, complexity in social systems, context-driven testing, the Satir Model, trading zones, various agile principles, Pragmatic Marketing, and progressive movement training)

    Follow Martin:

    - Twitter: @vds4

    - LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whoisvds4 (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whoisvds4-)

    - (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whoisvds4-) Blog: www.DevelopersBestFriend.com

    - Website: http://www.vds4Consulting.com

    Anna Royzman

    Anna Royzman is the founder of Global Quality Leadership Institute, the non-profit organization, whose goal is to become the leading advocate for quality in technology through innovative educational programs. Test Masters Academy, an initiative that is envisioned and managed by Anna directly, organizes annual Test Leadership Congress (in the Spring) and New Testing Conference (in the Fall).

    Anna serves as the Executive At Large on Association for Software Testing’s Board of Directors. She has been a QA Lead and Manager for 14+ years, served as a president of AST Quality Leader SIG [masked]) and as a member of STP Community Advisory Board [masked]). Anna is co-founder of NYC Testers and founder of TMA's Leadership Series meetup.

    Follow Anna:

    - Twitter: @QA_nna @TestMastersAcad

    - LinkedIn Profile: http://bit.ly/2lGcnl4 (http://bit.ly/2lGcnl4-)

    - (http://bit.ly/2lGcnl4-) Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Test-Masters-Academy-Leadership-Series/ (https://www.meetup.com/Test-Masters-Academy-Leadership-Series/TestMastersAcademy.orgTestLeadershipCongress-ny.com)

    - TestMastersAcademy.org (https://www.meetup.com/Test-Masters-Academy-Leadership-Series/TestMastersAcademy.orgTestLeadershipCongress-ny.com)

    - TestLeadershipCongress-ny.com (https://www.meetup.com/Test-Masters-Academy-Leadership-Series/TestMastersAcademy.orgTestLeadershipCongress-ny.com)

    Topic: Cynefin and Complexity… Why Testers Should Start Tuning In

    What is Cynefin? Why does complexity theory and the work of Dave Snowden keep showing up more and more often in software blog posts these days?

    In this meet up, Anna and Martin invite the NYC testing community to join them in a moderated discussion on what makes this field of study so interesting. They will share their thoughts, experiences, observations, and discoveries since experimenting with complexity theory, SenseMaking and Cynefin.

    Bring your questions and bring your experiences. Through these we can hopefully provide just enough context to discover:

    - Why Cynefin and complexity theory should be of massive interest to software testers.

    - Shifting tester mindsets from "thinking differently" to "gaining better access to different thoughts”.
    - How Cynefin compliments context driven testing.

    - Pitfalls and traps to avoid when getting started.

    - Who to follow and what to start reading.