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Being around like minded people is always fun. When those people all happen to love tiny houses as much as you do, then it's really exciting. Tiny houses evoke different things in different people but, the overarching elements seem to be a desire for life simplification and reconnecting with the things that matter.

This meet up will bring together people from all over the tri-state area for in person meetings where you'll be amongst people who will both want to hear about your connection to tiny houses and many will also be in a position to help you realize your tiny house aspirations...whatever they may be. Collectively it's much easier to get past the hurdles of going tiny and get the answers you need to broaden your knowledge of tiny living.

Not everyone will want run right out and build a house. Just liking tiny houses is really the only pre-requisite...bring a friend that likes tiny houses along as well.

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Virtual NYC Tiny House Enthusiast Meetup/Zoom!

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It's been too long. The NYC Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup hasn't met in a while and now with Covid upon us...well things have gotten more difficult. Let's get together (virtually) and share some stories about how we have coped during covid and how tiny houses can be part of the solution during these times and going forward. Whether you have your own info to share or you are simply curious and have questions around tiny living, all are welcome to attend. Tiny houses, and more broadly minimalist living, have taken on a new layer or relevance in these troubled times. Specifically: - Self isolation/quarantining - Working remotely - Shelter and housing affordability ('Eviction Tsunami') I have spent the bulk of the last few months in my own tiny house in Upstate NY. I never could have imagined that my tiny house would take on a pandemic related role, but it has and I'm amazingly grateful to have had a place to go to avoid the crush of densely populated suburbia I live in. If this virtual event is successful, I'll look to set up more with more focused agendas based on tiny house topics that people are most curious about. Link to the event: https://zoom.us/j/97770937573?pwd=RFpwS1dkZnM4bk1IMjJxd2x5Sm8yZz09 Alternatively go to zoom.us/join and enter: Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode: 10010 Duration: 90min I hope to see many of you on the 17th and until then, stay safe. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions for the meeting in the interim. Best, Chris Organizer - NYC Tiny House Enthusiasts

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