Past Meetup

Diversify your portofolio with managed futures


Hi Online Trading Academy NYC,

This is Charlotte, one of the members in this group. I've been noticing that recently there are no relevant events coming up in this group, so as an alternative investment advisor (specifically managed futures) working on wall street, I strongly suggest we should come up with some relevant topics and let our group be active and thriving again. Moreover, I would be very much like to be one of the assistants in this group to help create fresh and interesting topics.
It is always good to keep an eye on swift changes of the investment environment nowadays. I'm aware to put 15%-20% of total assets into alternatives for risk diversification. Therefore I really hope, catering to the original motive for creating this group, we could let our mass investor audiences get to know a lot of information/ideas about this different perspective of investment from traditional fashions.
Let's together follow the trend of portfolio diversification and contribute to the optimal effectiveness of our asset management!
Let me know what you think about this. Thank you for your time.



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