What we're about

This is a group for those who like games based on trivia. Games to be played include Trivial Pursuit (natch), Blast From The Past, Chronology, Facts in Five, Finish Lines, The Logo Game, Newshound, Smart Ass, 20 Questions, Who Am I?, Wits and Wagers and more. Different games will be played at each meetup, and there's over 30 games. Meetups will take place in Manhattan on weekends, at least twice a month, more often if the group catches on. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - while these games are mostly easy to learn and fun to play, they ask questions or provide clues to specific answers. Therefore, having general knowledge in various subjects is required to play and enjoy these games. For some games, you'll be on a team or partnered with someone, so it won't always be up to you to come up with an answer. But again, given the format of these games, a general knowledge in various subjects is required. Subjects covered include Geography, History, Literature, Science, Sports and the various areas of Pop Culture (Movies, Music, Theater and TV). If you're looking for games like Monopoly or Taboo, this is NOT the meetup group for you. A list of the games to be played is shown in the Discussions section of these boards. If you've read the above and feel you qualify, sign up and join. If you know others who are trivia geeks, let them know about this group. So put on your thinking caps, and get your game on!!

Past events (250)

In-Person Trivia Meetup - Sat. May 27

Everyday Gourmet Deli

Trivia Meetup - Sat. May 13

Whole Foods Market

Sunday Trivia Meetup Apr. 30

The Hugh

Trivia Meetup - Sat. Apr. 8

Whole Foods Market