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I am creating this group because I think a lot of the soccer leagues in this city have taken the fun out of soccer. Pick up soccer in particular should be about: laughing, trying new moves, working on your touch, ball control, and decision making. By taking the goal-oriented aspect out of organized soccer, especially in a dog eat dog city such as this, people are free to make mistakes and are much more unselfish on the ball. I've found as far as learning and understanding the game, this puts you in more accelerated environment to learn and get better.

My goal for this group (depending on the interest) is to meet up a few times a week and kick it around in a very casual setting. Ideally we'd play small games of 2v2, 3v3. Other times we can just play keep away (1 touch, 2 touch, or no touch limit, whatever everyone decides together). The main point being we all decide together the format in an impromptu fashion.

This group is open to all skill levels from beginners to college+. If you've never laid eyes on a soccer ball but just want to learn, feel free to join.

I am in the process of scouting out a few locations. The nature of this group is that we won't need much space. It could be a small plot of grass in central park, or a blacktop area (think of the blacktop / playground area around houston and 6th). If we get enough interest, members of the group can pitch new locations and we can try those.


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