Thursdays: Healing Meditation, Spirituality, Psychology,Devotion of Yoga Vedanta

NYC Vedanta Yoga Spirituality, Psychology and Meditation
NYC Vedanta Yoga Spirituality, Psychology and Meditation
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Shambhalah Yoga & Dance

367 Saint Marks Avenue · Brooklyn, NY

How to find us

Corner of the block. Upon entering come up to the second floor.

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All are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. Pillows and blankets to sit on provided. No physical postures involved. Price of this community class is only $10.

Agenda for the Class:
19:50 Register and Welcome
20:10 Meditation Begins
20:30 Group Sharing
20:40 Yuriy Gives Class
21:00 Questions To Yuriy

Workshop Description:
Drop in to any class or join us us weekly to heal and grow using guided meditation and led classes on the four spiritual yogas: Jnana Yoga (embodying discernment and truth), Bhakti Yoga (growing with love and devotion), Karma Yoga (purifying our daily actions), and Raja/Ashtanga Yoga (exploring the inner world).

The four yogas are complimentary pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that when combined in consistent practice, produce healing and inner freedom while harmonizing living and working in the world. We thus gradually overcome all suffering and become established in the True Self – the pure consciousness behind it all whose nature is infinite peace, love, truth and inner strength.

Our facilitator Yuriy travels to India to study these millennia-old teachings; now offering the opportunity to learn them here in New York.

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