A historical & architectural tour of City Island (Sunset tour)


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You don't have to go to Boston or Martha's Vineyard to spend an evening in a marine community. We have such a resort just a subway & bus ride away--a great getaway at City Island.

We will begin with the history of Ann Hutchinson to Thomas Pell to today. We'll discover who is a "clamdigger" or a "musselsucker". What were all the names for this community. Our tour will begin in front of Thomas Pell house and walk most of the island.

There is great nautical history here from cultivating oysters, the building of winning yachts, and finally great views of Manhattan and more. We will visit some of the small gardens which honor some of their residents. We will check out some of their landmark homes and so much more. We will also check some of the homes used in some very famous films.

There is a small private island and I'll tell you what his plans are (it is possible, it has been completed).

Come join us as we leisurely explore this secret community in the Bronx.

Museum entrance fee: $7.00

Transportation: #6 train to Pelham Park (last stop)
Meeting Place: Next to the token booth at Pelham Park
Meeting Time: 4:45pm

Organizer fee $7.00

Optional: For those interested, you may want to have dinner at a seafood restaurant.
1) Please change RSVP before the time I state on the final notice. If you get 5 "No Shows", you won't be able to join my walks.
2) Please our policy is no children under the age of 14 or no dogs.