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NYC dbt meetup online

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Brooklyn Data C.
NYC dbt meetup online


dbt Meetups are networking events open to all folks working with data! Talks predominantly focus on community members' experience with dbt, however, you'll catch presentations on broader topics such as analytics engineering, data stacks, data ops, modeling, testing, and team structures.

Join hosts Brooklyn Data Co and speakers from Billie for an exciting talk and the opportunity to network with the data community.

For the best Meetup experience, make sure to join the #local-nyc channel in dbt Slack (


✨ Speaker Lineup✨

🗣 Michelle Ballen, Head of Data, & Lance Wong, Analytics Engineer at Billie (

Improving retention marketing efficiency with dbt

There has been a lot of buzz recently about operationalizing your data warehouses. If your data warehouse is the single-source of truth, why stop at analytics? In this talk, Michelle and Lance will share how they leverage their work with dbt to supercharge Billie’s retention marketing team -- empowering them to deliver timely, personalized communications and measure the incrementally of their efforts.

🗣 Andrew Zirm, Senior Data Scientist at Greenhouse

From first Data Scientist to Analytics Engineer


dbt is a command line tool that speaks the preferred language of data analysts everywhere—SQL. With dbt, analysts take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformation code to deployment and documentation.

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