Get Even More Out of Git & ...When We Talk About Caching + Lightening Talks

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Get Even More Out of Git

Building on Allen Smith's Git Merge 2016 workshop "Get out of (almost) Anything wit Git", we will look at how to undo a few additional common git mistakes, as well as introduce a command line utility to simplify this process.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Caching

Caching is an intimidating topic. And all too often, the guides and blog posts jump straight to the difficult problems (what cache store should you use?, how many milliseconds should a request take?). This talk takes one step back.

We will discuss the different types of caching that Rails makes available, when to use each, the costs and benefits of the different methods, and some implementation details. We will also do a deep-dive into ETags because ETags are awesome.

Because things that cannot be seen should not be believed, we’ll walk through some examples live-coding.

Lightening Talks

We will be opening up the floor for your most inspiring lightening talks!