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πŸ•πŸ»πŸ·πŸŽ€ Concurrency in Ruby 🎀 Bots on AWS Lambda 🎀 Peer2Peer Network in Ruby

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Rashaun Snuggs S.


🎀 Introduction to Concurrency in Ruby

Ruby is not considered to be a language that's great at concurrency, but actually we can build awesome concurrent software in Ruby. In this talk we'll build a minimalistic IRC-like chat server using three models; Multi-process, threading and an event loop.

During the process we'll look at how the these underlying mechanism in thee models actually work if you strip away the complexity. Also we'll see how the performance characteristics differ. At the end of the talk you'll have a good idea of how to use the main modes of concurrency in Ruby.

I've built a very simple implementation of the chat server in every model, which is available in a public repo ( All versions are short and readable and serve both as the framework for the talk and as a great basis to do further exploring.

🎀 Building Ruby Bots on AWS Lambda

Want to build a Ruby Bot without the hassle of provisioning and managing servers? Amazon's got a service for that and it's called AWS Lambda - it executes your code only when needed, scales automatically and you pay only for the compute time you consume.

There's one problem with Lambda - it doesn't support Ruby!
Let's checkout multiple options on how to build a Ruby Bot and package it into an executable which you can run on any machine without the need to actually have Ruby installed. We'll try three different flavours of Ruby in this lecture: mruby, jruby & travelling ruby.

🎀 Peer2Peer Network in Ruby

Intrigued by modern and past peer to peer systems, I set out to build my own from scratch. In this talk, I’ll discuss my experience working in the P2P problem space, touching upon the following topics

β€’ Implementation of a distributed hash table.

β€’ Reading whitepapers and translating them to code.

β€’ What is Kademlia and how does it work?

β€’ Simulating multi-node network communications in a local environment.


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