What we're about

Welcome to NYC Independent Traders and Investors, the go-to group for people who earn their living by trading and investing for their own account. If day trading is your day job, you've come to the right place! This group was formerly known as NYC Private Investors. After our first five years, we felt the time was right to change our name to clarify our core mission and our focus on LISTED asset classes. We emphasize the BUSINESS and PSYCHOLOGY of trading for a living, rather than current market actions and events.

We provide a supportive community and a learning lab for our members. Meetings enable us to exchange tools and techniques, to share inspiration and fellowship, and to connect with like-minded people. The focus is on short-term trading (day, swing, position) as well as on long-term financial planning, covering a wide range of topics: different asset classes (equities, options, forex, futures), trading tools (supply/demand, support/resistance, RSI, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Elliott Wave, MACD, etc.) and more.

Carpe diem! Let's make this a powerful and valuable group for local traders and investors. Please follow us to keep track of planned meetings.

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