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MUST RSVP at http://www.RecruitJam.com Fee: $95 - $195

Join us for RecruitJam Un-Conference

This event is exclusively for Agency recruiting professionals.


That’s right this is an UN-conference, not a conference. What’s an un-conference you say? Well what’s relevant is what an un-conference is not. Here’s what won’t be at this event:

1. People trying to sell you stuff. Especially people wearing cheesy polo shirts with logos on them.

2. Tchotchkes

3. Powerpoint

4. Bad, stale coffee

5. Microphones and cheesy intro music for self-important speakers who talk about themselves on a stage.

6. Stadium-seating sit-and-listen style learning

Un-conferences are about the participants – that’s right, it’s about YOU… it’s about creating an experience that’s useful for you. About you meeting your peers and sharing your professional experiences so everyone can get better at what they do. In a way it’s a “attend-generated” event/meetup/mashup. About providing a forum for you to have engaging discussions on relevant topics… where you can share what you’ve learned and get input from other great practitioners on real issues that you have today.

Sounds great, right? So how does it work?

1. Everyone sits in a circle and discusses a topic. Think engaging, exciting conversation – not sit, listen and take notes. As we all know how recruiters are, each session has a moderator who tries (and usually fails) to keep the chaos in check.

2. You get to vote with your feet and choose your topics. At any given time there will be a few different sessions happening, so you can choose to go to the session most relevant for you.

3. We’ll try to keep the sessions to between 20-30 people each, so everyone can participate. First come, first serve.

Note: This is a two day evening event. Sessions start at 6:00pm and end at 8:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday!

MUST RSVP at www.RecruitJam.com (http://www.recruitjam.com) Fee: $95-$195, Register now and Save!


Wednesday, February 27th

5:30PM People arrive, semi-kickoff thingy 6:00PM – 7:00PM Session 1
Contingency/Staffing/Temping, Moderator TBD
- Why it is okay to be a TEMP? Recruiting & Sourcing with Social Media, Moderator: Richard Cialone, Owner, Bottom Line Staffing

7:00PM-7:35PM Break Dinner Networking Bullhorn Presentation 7:40pM – 8:40PM Session 2
Follow the money! Marketing your services
Moderator: Todd Shiner, Practice Director at Parker + Lynch
- Landing a new client- keeping and expanding the ones you have
- Competition – Best Practices VMS (Vendor Managed Services),Moderator: TBD - How to master the tool 8:45PM – 9:00 End Day 1
Networking / Go Home Thursday, February 28th

5:30PM People arrive, Networking, Semi-kickoff thingy 6:00PM – 7:00PM Session 1
Managing the Recruiting Process, Moderator: Paul Devlin, Recruiting Director, Experis
- Your time and staff- time and effort
- How do you make the most of it? Recruiting Startups, Moderator: Allan Ackerman, Principal, Magnet Agency

7:00PM-7:35PM Break Dinner Networking Indeed Presentation 7:40pM – 8:40PM Session 2
Trends, Moderator: Gene Holtzman, President, Mitchell Martin
- What is the future of Agency Recruitment? It’s all about Talent and Candidate Engagement, Moderator: Bob Wiener, President, QED Resources - Expanding and managing your network- Finding the best candidate - Technology - Relationships

8:45PM – 9:00 End Day 2
Networking / Go home & have a great rest of 2013! MUST RSVP at www.RecruitJam.com (http://www.recruitjam.com/)

Fee: $95 - $195

Organized by:


Ernie Feiteira

Organizer of The NY Recruiting Meetup Network

Henning Seip

SkillPROOF Inc.

Bob Wiener

QED Resources, Inc.

Dana Mavica