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This Meetup is to bring Socionics to the people of New York City. Socionics is similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, only a lot more advanced to better explain personality type and inter-type relationships.

Socionics is a personality typology developed in the 1970s and '80s by the Lithuanian researcher Dr. Aušra Augustinavičiūtė. Socionics is based on Jung's personality type theory, Freud's theory of the conscious and unconscious, and Antoni Kepinski's theory of information metabolism. Since its inception, it has been developed by a variety of Russian researchers like Gulenko. The name "socionics" is derived from the word "society", because Augustinavičiūtė believed that each personality type has a distinct purpose in society, which can be described and explained by Socionics.

The most interesting part of Socionics is dedicated to the intertype relations research. Each personality type, according to Socionics, has a specific core relationship to each other personality type. The theory suggests that some personality types are more and the others are less psychologically compatible based on their personality differences. Socionics dating grows in popularity day by day as more people learn about this intertype relationship theory and gain valuable insights in their private and working relationships. This group is for people to learn and discuss Socionics for the purpose of self-typing and self-discovery, to find the right partner whether it is for a short or long term relationship, to improve their current social, familial, and romantic relationships, and most definitely to connect to other people who are interested in examining their lives and relationships through the Socionical lens.

With this group, you'll be able to find out your Socionics type and learn more about your strengths, values and attitudes towards the world around you, and how you interact with those of different types.

To find out more about Socionics, check out our Introduction to Socionics (http://worldsocionics.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/an-introduction-to-socionics-part-1.html).

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