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Update July 2023:

Hello! Summer games are happening Tues / Thurs at 5:30 (RSVP required, space is limited) and Saturdays at 11:00 (all are welcome, RSVPs requested, but no space constraints).

For Fall, we will be back on the grass in Central Park North Meadow for weekends. Exact session dates and times will be posted here and on . We will probably also have a weeknight (Tues / Thurs 5:30pm+) game while the daylight lasts in fall.


This is one of three sites/listservs that promotes weekly NYC games that have been going on for many many years (since the 1980s). Stall counts are used on occasion, cleats are optional, boundaries are flexible, and all skill levels are welcome!
- It's important to RSVP so that you can get updates through the Meetup app - it's not uncommon to have to move the game due to field space issues.
- Please bring both a dark shirt and a light shirt so that it helps distinguish teams.
- Just because it's raining, don't assume we won't meet up. Some of the best games we've ever played were in the snow or rain.

Many thanks to Damien Duchamp for running this game for over a decade. We're proud to continue the fun and community. See you out there!

~~ David Chen, Louis Diep and Steve Estes, current organizers

During the warmer months we play four times a week, mostly at Riverside Park (108th st) unless otherwise indicated:
Tuesday @5:30pm
Thursday @5:30pm
Saturday @10:30am
Sunday @10:30am

For the weeks that it's open, we play at Central Park North Meadow on the weekends. Times vary year-to-year but we usually have a Saturday or a Sunday game.

In the cold months, weekend times may vary, but we've got one weeknight game that's run for at least a decade. If you're cold, you're not running enough! We will usually play:
Tuesdays @6:30pm at DeWitt Clinton (lit, requires separate registration)
Saturdays ~@11:00 at Riverside 108th
Sundays ~@11:00 at Riverside 108th

There are two ways to stay in touch outside of
- Follow us on Twitter:
- Like us on Facebook:

The Riverside location is all the way West just off the water between 102nd and 108th Streets. You can only enter the park at 103rd and 108th. The best way to get there is to take the 1 local to 103rd Street. Walk West until you see an entrance that takes you down to the fields through the park. After walking down the steps from the street, you will see a path that goes left and another that goes right. Walk down the left path until you see a stone wall and stairs that go down to the fields. From South to North there will be one small soccer field surrounded by a track, another field with two softball fields (closer to 103rd/104th st) and another that is a giant soccer field (closer to 106th st). After walking down the steps, you will see the small Soccer field on your left. Start from this Southern-most field and walk North on the path to find our game. If you see no one, the meeting spot is the South side of the large soccer field. Check app for updates.

Sometimes we play in the middle of Central Park at North Meadow. Getting there is pretty easy, with your choice of either 96th or 103rd street C train. You'll enter the park from the west side at 100th street, where you will "Soccer Field #3" located between Softball Fields #4 & #5. On some warmer Saturdays we play on field 6 which is closer to 96th street. Check app for updates.

The Morningside location is at the corner of 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue. The best way to get there is to take the C local (B on weekdays) to Cathedral Parkway/110th Street. You can also take the 1 train to 110th street at Broadway and then walk East. We will play at the South end of the baseball field parallel to 110th street so that we're not in the way of the baseball/softball games. Check app for updates.