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(New to voiceover, or looking to break into the VO business? Please skip down to the IMPORTANT NOTE below first!)

It's here: the first-ever Meetup group created by and devoted exclusively to working professional voice talent in New York City!

Unlike other VO groups focused on education, training, workouts, etc., our aim is to network working, credentialed voiceover professionals who live and work in the New York City metro by meeting face-to-face and discuss daily work experiences, biz trends, and whatever else might aid our business, artistic, and personal growth. We'll experiment with a number of member-driven approaches to keep things fresh, informative, and useful for everyone.

While many of us have strong opinions on the issue, we strive to be non-partisan and open, and welcome working and experienced VO artisans from both the union and non-union sectors.

Admission will be limited, to assess the experience, proficiency levels, and skill sets of prospective members to help develop a framework that meets everyone's needs.


This group was created by and for EXPERIENCED voice talent only. We're NOT another "get rich by breaking into the VO biz" outlet, educational school, or training resource.

This means all of us have committed to make VO our primary source of income, or it's a real, significant and very regular part of it.

In other words, we've paid our dues by doing this for a long time, and do it for a living every single day. Not part-time, not as a hobby, not as a source of quick "money on the side" with several months in between doing something else. It's our full-time job, or truly augments it (for example, some talented individuals do equal amounts of stage/film/TV as well as VO work ). If this sounds like you, we welcome seeing your application!

If you're "new to the biz", or "just looking to get into voiceover/voice acting", or simply want to "kick the tires" or "try things out" to learn more about the trade and see if it's right for you - unfortunately this group isn't designed for you. Please be advised if you apply, your request for membership will likely be rejected, and your/our time will have been wasted.

Please don't take this personally. Rejection is a daily reality in our business. Pros shrug it off and use it to drive themselves further ahead. There's a lot that goes into this profession, and it's not for everyone!

However, if you're still serious about doing this for a living in the future, there are plenty of outlets here on Meetup.com and elsewhere online that we highly encourage you to look into. Good luck in your search, and when you get more experience under your belt, we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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