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Wall Street & Fund Managers MEET NYC. retail use crypto. eliminate merchant fees
Did you get to the Bitcoin party a little late? MEET NEW YORK COIN (NYC) "Bitcoin's Killer App" No Network Fees = Free Worldwide Money Transfer! 30-second block time = Usable at the retail level worldwide! Undiscovered with tiny market cap under $15 Million !!! Real world ACCEPTANCE at 18 businesses and growing daily! Proven blockchain since MARCH 6, 2014 NYC is NOT an ICO! Fair launch, true cryptocurrency with block explorer, open-source code, core wallets, Coinomi mobile wallet and a growing worldwide community! EARLY BITCOIN OPPORTUNITY. Don't miss New York Coin! ***CRYPTO INFO CENTER NOW OPEN IN SOHO*** The New York Coin Center 167 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

The New York Coin Center

167 Mott St · New York, ny

What we're about

Retail use crypto. NYC is accepted at over 50 businesses worldwide. And growing weekly!

Free worldwide money transfer. Over 99.9% of all transactions since 2014 have been completely FREE!

New York Coin (NYC) launched on March 6th, 2014. Original developer disappeared at launch and is still unknown to this date. NYC is a fair launch cryptocurrency with no pre-mine. NYC is completely open-source code with searchable block explorers. NYC enables a free worldwide network with lightning fast transactions. A worldwide group of dedicated miners have kept the NYC network confirming transactions every 30 seconds for the past 4+ years.

In January 2018, NYC finally got noticed. A worldwide, decentralized group of developers joined the NYC Community and began updating the aging code, nodes and wallets. NYC has begun attracting high-caliber tech talent from Fortune 100 Companies recently. After nearly 4 years of stagnant development, the NYC Devs have completed core wallet updates, updated nodes, developed Electrum NYC wallets and are currently in the process of implementing a fork to update network security (protect against 51% attacks) and begin block reward halving. The future is bright for NYC.

NYC is a basic money transfer system. No frills, no whitepaper, just the basics that Bitcoin and Litecoin offer. Worldwide, anonymous transfer of funds. NYC just does it faster and does it cheaper. NYC is lightning fast - test it! Unconfirmed transactions worldwide in 1-2 seconds. Confirmations every 30 seconds since 2014. And there are no fees to send funds. Zero. NYC offers FREE, lightning-fast worldwide money transfer. NYC is actually usable at the retail level. Bitcoin is not feasible for time-sensitive daily consumer purchases. NYC is simply a more usable version of Bitcoin.

Monthly meetings at THE NEW YORK COIN CENTER in Soho. 167 Mott Street (between Broome and Grand).

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