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APRIL 18 || What Comes Before Content?

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The NY Content Meetup is a monthly gathering for all those interested in sharing and connecting over content-centric geeking out. We bring 3 established, diverse and innovative speakers to each meetup, as well as conversation and networking over free wine, beer, water and music.

This month our speakers take you behind the scenes of great content and campaigns. What comes before content? Come and listen to Lindsay, Maggie and Eric break things down for you through smart analytics, understanding people and realizing the potential of information.




Lindsay Sakraida

Features Director at

Lindsay Sakraida is the Features Director for (, the premier year-round resource for online deals on consumer electronics, gadgets, computers, apparel, and more. She is tasked with taking the site's deal content and creating relevant editorial to further engage its existing readership as well as garner media attention. Sakraida is also an avid tennis fan, and has covered the sport on a freelance basis for New York, The Classical, and SMASH. She was previously an Associate Editor at American Photo magazine.

How to Develop Content to Garner Media Attention

dealnews has found success in using its raw data to create articles that no one else can generate, thus making media pickup — attributed to dealnews— all the more likely. To do this, identify data that is unique to your publication/outlet/organization, [For dealnews, this is a wealth of detailed price information for consumer electronics and goods.] then create a story around that data. Look at what people would find interesting about your data, how it would seemingly affect them, and whether it can be made relevant to consumers now. These considerations will not only shape the story, but the way it's presented and promoted. To illustrate this process, Lindsay will walk through a few case studies of feature articles that garnered a good deal of media attention…from article conception to online and national TV coverage.

Maggie Windsor

Account Planning at Digitas (

Maggie explains her job as turning complicated things into simple stories that inspire action, lead to meaningful experiences, and drive new revenue.
Her presentation will explain what drives true innovation - what comes before innovative content. It isn't about understanding something new or techy. It's about understanding something much more simple.

Her global branding and brand strategy efforts include qualitative and quantitative research, business development, product marketing and innovation, cross-channel customer experience modeling, website globalization, and digital and social media strategy. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, B2B organizations, regional brands, and start-ups.

She lives on Roosevelt Island with her husband-to-be and their cattle dog Rye. In her spare time she runs far and cycles fast. If you want to hear about any of this, follow her on twitter @IronMaggie (

Eric Neuman

Founder & CTO, Decision Desk | Twitter: @eric_neuman (

Consummate technologist and info-junkie, Eric Neuman never stops creating. He's a founder and CTO of early stage enterprise video screening company DecisionDesk (, ex-NASA intern, and visual artist ( Graduated from Case Western in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A lot of content creators are terrified that unless they legislate file sharing away (a la sopa) there will be no way for them to make money. This is not true. In order to survive, businesses need to change the way they think about the commodity that is information.




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****FREE wine and other refreshments will be served****