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Technology, as always, offers opportunities and challenges. The education sphere has its own special needs.

Let's get together to talk, share stories, and learn from each other. What makes students tick? What works when working with(in) institutions? How can technology help?

Where are the opportunities to help the students? How can we help improve education?

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NYEdTech: Metaverse Series ft AR/VR

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Hi Everyone!

The metaverse can sound a little vague, well...This month we're focusing on creators and builders in augmented and virtual reality! Get ready to immerse yourself as our venue for this event will be at the Microsoft Retail shop on fifth ave.

  • Are you a founder, creator, or builder in the augmented/virtual reality space?
  • Is there an educational-focused solution or problem you are working on? If yes, we'd love to spotlight you. Please reach out to us directly or comment below.

Not a founder? No worries. Enthusiasts, come join us!

From gaming, car simulations, to experiencing the world within virtual reality, and more, get ready to explore!


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IRL Networking ft The Market of Early Childhood Education

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