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Interested in AI? Join our group! This group is dedicated to the application of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, medicine, and computer science towards the further understanding and development of artificial intelligence. We also focus on developing the New York MedTech industry and fostering open source projects that support it. Contact the organizers about it.

The goal is to create a laid-back place where the spirit of the coffeehouse culture of the Enlightenment meets the modern hackerspace; where people from different disciplines who wouldn't normally meet can exchange ideas, experiment with hands-on systems, and have a good time.

We hope this can be the melting pot of neuroscientists, hackers, programmers, doctors, mathematicians, artists, lawyers, post docs in any science, bio-staticians, entrepreneurs, and the average person who is interested in learning about advances in artificial intelligence applications in health (and adjacent data-intensive fields).

Check out our new List of All NYC AI Health Companies:

Feel free to add in your company or ones that you see fit!
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Legal disclaimer: By joining the New York Health Artificial Intelligence Society (NYHAIS) Meetup group you confirm that you are not a person residing in any country embargoed by the United States and/or subject to U.S. export controls or sanctions (including without limitation Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and North Korea), or any other jurisdiction where the sharing of these technologies are otherwise prohibited, licensed, restricted or taxed by applicable federal, state, territorial, provincial or local laws, rules or regulations and any other country designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. The members of New York Health Artificial Intelligence Society (NYHAIS) agree to abide by any United States export control laws regarding the technologies and strategies described and discussed in this group. The organizers of New York Health Artificial Intelligence Society (NYHAIS) are not liable for any attempts by the members to circumvent those laws.

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AI & Society - Remote

Online event

Going forward we will discuss all manner of subjects related to technology in healthcare, including open source software, current events and trends, and, of course, AI applications. Other events TBD.

The Rundown:
Introductions: 15 mins
Introduce yourself! Who are you, what you do, what brings you here tonight, etc.

Discussion: 90 Mins
Big Tech in Medicine: an overview.
Let's start off with a discussion of major tech companies like Google and their recent strides (and scandals) in medicine. Here are some articles to read if you need a primer:


Networking: 15 mins
Schmooze it up you guys. Exchange business cards, ideas, or jokes.

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AI & Society- Remote

Online event

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