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New York, NY

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Feb 1, 2016


Hacker w/ an interested in applying computational cognitive neuroscience to AI. My other interest is in social economic developement thru technological growth. Currently at Columbia University Medical Center Department of Molecular Genetics.

What's your full name?

Anthony Albertorio

What is your background and experience with AI?

I am a hacker whose interests in epistemology, programming, medicine, and socio economic development all coalesced into learning about AI. My goal is to reverse r > g via AI in a responsible manner.

What skills or AI related topics are you interested in learning about?

Genetic programming, developing deep learning networks, different computational models of learning.

How did you hear about us? Was it via, tech email list, friend, flyer, or other? If other, state what was other with detail.

Got the idea after a great conversation years back. Then I realized that there is tons of human capital, financial capital and entrepreneurs. They just need the right configuration to help create a MedtTech economy and solve problem in medicine. This article helps sum things up well: