What we're about

This group is intended for those that are/want to become passive investors and learn more about passive investing in various asset classes. We will cover primarily alternative investments. The group is open to both accredited and sophisticated investors, new investors and veterans alike. (If you are more interested in becoming an active investor check out our groups linked below.)

What to expect:

Training and Workshops - We will have experts in each asset class as well as experienced passive investors speak on various topics such as their experience in investing, deal analysis, fundamentals of each asset class and more.

Exclusive deal opportunities - Via the membership of this group you will be connected to other investors that have insider information to deal opportunities and can be able to exchange information on investment opportunities you may have not had available to you before.

Collaborative group environment to vet deal opportunities - As a group, or individually one on one, we will help each other look at deals and help in performing due diligence, market research, financial analysis etc. to identify what deals look like good opportunities.

Network with other passive investors - Members of the group will be leaders in their industries and also passive investors. You can expand your network professionally and as a passive investor as you socialize and network with others.


Accredited Investor Definition: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/accreditedinvestor.asp

Sophisticated Investor Definition: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sophisticatedinvestor.asp


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