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PHPP v9.7 (IP) Course
PHPP v9.7 (IP) CLASS The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is an easy to use, excel based energy modeling tool designed for use by architects, engineers and Passive House specialists. SCHEDULE: November 27, November 28 & December 1 TICKET PRICE: General: $695 CPHD/C Students and NYPH Members: $595 REGISTRATION: TARGET PARTICIPANTS: This course is aimed at US building design and engineering professionals that have a basic understanding of energy performance in buildings but no prior experience with the PHPP. It is especially suitable for graduates of the Certified Passive House Consultant / Designer program and those seeking to undertake Passive House energy modeling for building certification through the Passive House Institute. This course will utilize the IP (Inch-Pound) version of the PHPP which makes it ideal for the US and North American practitioners. LEARNING OBJECTIVES * Clearly understand the structure of the PHPP model, the required inputs and the modeling process / sequence * Learn to interpret the results of the PHPP model and understand how the model is structured * Be able to better analyze project documents / drawings and classify elements properly for integration into the model * Participants will be able to build a simple model using the software and execute all required steps.

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