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Construction is nearly complete for a new condominium project at 951 Pacific Street between Grand and Washington Avenues. The R-951 Residence will consist of three duplex loft apartments, each approximately 1500 square feet complete with its own balcony and/or garden, laundry and separate cellar storage space. The units feature high ceilings, excellent air quality and great natural light. The top two units have a spacious three bedroom design, and the lower unit has a flexible layout.

This project will be certified to Passive House Standards and is a Net Zero Capable Building with only a 4.7% increase in development costs.

What sets this project apart is its ultra-energy-efficient design, achieved through “passive house” construction and solar panels, estimated for virtually net zero energy use for heating, cooling and operating the building. R-951’s, Further Inc., a Design/Build Development Group, includes Paul Castrucci Architects, which is a certified “Passive House” Design Firm. The R-951’s buildings design includes high R-value insulation, triple glazed windows, superior air quality and other features that make these spacious units luxuriously comfortable in all seasons. A virtually air-tight building that minimizes energy losses, R-951 is primarily heated by passive solar gain and by internal gains from people and electrical equipment. Any additional heat needed will be provided by an extremely small, efficient heat pump in each apartment. In warmer months, shading and window orientation similarly minimizes the cooling load.

Status: Nearly Completed.

Architect: Paul Castrucci Architects (
Passive House Consultant: Paul Castrucci Architects (

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