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We are considering changing the name of this club… The original name was inspired by the fact the NYRB catalogue had so many solid titles and authors we wanted to read we thought we could spend a decade reading through it. As it turned out, it did have so many and probably has many more. It’s just that after we plucked the low hanging fruit we got bored and didn’t want to commit to reading any more maybe, could be, hoping really hard it will be okay titles. We say lets go someplace fresh and pick the low hanging fruit there! We have been thinking about this new publishing house in Ohio that looks to have good stuff: Two Dollar Radio. We are cross listing a Zoom meetup for The Hare which they put out and thinking hard on doing some others. If this sounds cool to you, maybe you’d like to organize a meetup? Let us know, and let us know what you think about changing the name…

The Two Dollar Radio Collection:


The New York Review of Books Classics series has been publishing an eclectic mix of books from the past. The series includes nineteenth century novels and experimental novels, reportage and belles letters, tell-all memoirs and learned studies, established classics and cult favorites, literature high, low, unsuspected, and unheard of. NYRB Classics are, to a large degree, discoveries, the kind of books that people typically run into outside of the classroom and then remember for life.

Browse through the catalogue here. It's fairly amazing: http://www.nyrb.com/collections/classics

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THE HARE, by Melanie Finn

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Let's Discuss Abigail by Magda Szabo


Let's Discuss After Claude by Iris Owens


Two Book Tuesday: The Invisibility Cloak & The Ten Thousand Things

Havana Rumba Express and Tapas Bar

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