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The New York Swift Developers Meetup is part of NY's burgeoning mobile developer community.

We’ll be presenting new developments in the language and tools, new frameworks, advanced animation techniques for great user interfaces and great new apps. For beginners, we’ll be discussing topics like functional programming, closures, optionals, and how memory management works in Swift. We want to build a great community that give support to developers as they learn the modern (and beautiful) new language that Apple has designed and created.

Aditya Narayan, is Co-Founder of Turn to Tech after having been Chief Architect at Marvel Entertainment & Head of Security Architecture at Starwood Hotels along with an Architect role at JP Morgan Chase. He holds an MS&BS in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology. He also founded 1to1Tutor, a successful online Math company which has tutored over 25,000 students. Prior to that he created ‘InterStructures’ - the popular Windows-Linux interoperability platform and has various technology publications.

Michael Prenez-Isbell. Michael just left Conde Nast after 3 years as Manager for Mobile, working with brands like Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, and hosted the New York iOS Developer’s Meetup quarterly in the Conde Nast auditorium.

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