June (NYVR Meetup)


Another Stacked Agenda for JUNE!


VR Playhouse - Christina Heller

Christina Heller is the CEO and Co-Founder of VR Playhouse, a VR creative studio based in Los Angeles. VR Playhouse provides production services for 360 and volumetric video, computer animation, and interactive content for VR and AR. Since founding in 2014 VR Playhouse has completed over 50 projects, some of which have been featured at SXSW, Sundance, and Cannes.

Beginning her career as a political journalist, Christina has explored ways to use media to make an impact on people’s lives. Heller currently serves on the Board of Advisors for SH//FT, a non-profit dedicated to promoting diversity in virtual reality, and the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC). She won the 2016 "Women to Watch" award from the California Women's Leadership Association and was named in the Huffington Post as one of 5 women changing the virtual reality scene by Craig Newmark. www.vrplayhouse.com (http://www.vrplayhouse.com/)

Live Planet - Khayyam Wakil

Khayyam will be presenting the Live Planet™ system, including the 360/3d camera rig and cloud; the only end-to-end immersive system that makes creating and distributing live and recorded stereoscopic VR and 360° video content easy and affordable.


EEVO – Harris Gordon

EEVO is a cloud-based toolset that makes it possible for anyone to create, publish and scale interactive VR experiences across all platforms. Our mission is to empower the next generation of publishers, content creators and storytellers to build amazing VR experiences by democratizing the creation and distribution of streamable VR content.

Loren Abdulexer – Evolving Technologies

Evolving Technologies Corporation will give a behind the scenes look at how they created a Unity based virtual tour experience of Markthal Rotterdam - a recipient of the 2017 VIVA International Awards, for the most cutting-edge design housing residential apartments with one of The Netherland’s largest food markets.

The Unity application allows the exploration of 170 locations within the space. It makes excellent use of 360 imagery, spatial audio, spatialized visual hotspots and video interviews to create an authentic experience of exploring the space. What they do for the apartment view with amaze you!

Ilya Polokhin – VR Simulations, Inc.

Some of you may remember Ilya's racing simulator demo from February 2016. More than a year after, Ilya will be back to demo a new simulation experience and to tell you about his company, which is focused on enabling people to experience an unparalleled level of VR immersion utilizing full motion simulators.

Illium - Sebastian Sarbora/Augustus Rivera

Ilium VR is demoing their latest gun controller prototype which will roll out in select VR arcades later this summer. They'll be demoing with a short in-house game to show off the core functionality and evolution of their product feature set.


Upcoming NYVR Events:

I am planning to have the next NYVR meetups focus on AI (for the July event) and Animation (for the August event). If you are a developer or involved in either of these topics, please email me at [masked] because I would love to share what people are working on.

WEB VR Hackathon – Hugh Seaton

Hugh Seaton is putting together another WebVR hackathon, this time with the folks at Sketchfab. Kicking off at 6:30pm on Friday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 25th - all at Sketchfab’s Flatiron offices. Join some of NYC’s best VR developers & designers for an awesome weekend-long coding marathon. You can find more on their DevPost site (https://nycwebvr-hackathon2.devpost.com/), and get tickets here (https://nyc-webvr-hackathon-2.eventbrite.com/)."

HoloHack NYC 2017 – Microsoft Reactor, June 19-20, 2017

Microsoft would like to invite you to apply to participate in our upcoming HoloLens hackathon. This is a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of your HoloLens project with exclusive access to Microsoft engineers and HoloLens devices. Applicants should have previous experience developing for AR/VR/MR and/or with Unity.

Apply Today! https://aka.ms/holohacknyc

New York City’s Largest Developer Conference & Expo

Join 3,000+ developers, devops pros, and executives. Discover the latest in App Development, DevOps, Dev Management, and FinTech Dev


World’s Fair Nano

Calling all virtual reality developers! Do you have cool demos that you want to showcase to 10,000 future lovers? Join us at Worlds Fair Nano, a two-day technology festival open to the general public, this coming September 16th-17th at the Brooklyn Expo Center. For more information please email [masked] .

NYVR Expo – D.J. Smith, Hugh Seaton

The NYVR Meetup and The Glimpse Group have partnered with Emerald Expositions to launch the first large scale VR expo on the east coast called NYVR Expo 2017. The event will be at the Jacob Javits Center and be co-located with the Photoplus Expo which annually attracts 20,000 attendees. We will have a professional conference on Oct 26th and 27th and the Expo will be on Oct 27 and 28th. More details will be announced soon but please save the date!

www.nyvrexpo.com (http://www.nyvrexpo.com/)